The Alpha

Welcome to the long awaited (at least our long awaited) first post to Cache and Play.  We are gamers, so we are always interested in the newest games coming to market and we pick up games that we believe are good deals.  We are also people with little time in a week to game.  As a result, we have a large cache of games that are eagerly awaiting a playthrough…as soon as we can get to them.  Games keep coming out, we keep buying them, and that light at the end of the tunnel keeps getting further away (not that we ever want to see the new games stop releasing).

The good news is that we do find time to talk about games, to listen to podcasts, to read articles, and to form very opinionated thoughts about what is happening in the industry.  Cache and Play exists today because we want to share our opinions and experiences with others in the gaming world.  We want to talk about the games we just finished.  We want to share the excitement or disappointment in the latest game release.  We want to speculate about the newest hardware and what it means for us.  All of this then relates back to the cache.  Should a game be added to the list or be removed?  Is a game we picked up a year ago on sale actually worth playing?  Most importantly, we want to hear from you as well, your thoughts about what stays on the list and what should be played next (“Oh, you have to play this game next because it’s great and only four hours long”).  So let’s start the conversation and see where this thing takes us.

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