Cache Update – Mass Effect: Andromeda

I loved playing through Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2 and even liked Mass Effect 3, but I have been cautiously optimistic about the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. We are all aware of what time and distance from a series can do to a sequel, especially when writers change and there is an attempt to follow-up a clearly defined trilogy. I was debating adding Andromeda to the cache, but then the early impressions and reviews starting rolling in. With the negative feedback about game execution (bugs, gameplay breaks, and poor animations), I was not about to add a bad 30-50 hour game to my already full list of games to play. I have since read multiple user reviews saying that they like the story, but it was still hit and miss.

Well, the tide may be turning for Andromeda. On April 4, BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn announced a series of patches to correct many of the reported issues with the gameplay (see the link below for the news post). The first of those patches is slated to hit on April 6. The patch will update the appearance of characters, improve some animations, and correct some known bugs in the game. The announcement also outlined more improvements that are to be made in the coming future with more patches as well as some free updates.

Personally, I believe this information is enough for me to flip the switch and add Mass Effect: Andromeda to the cache in the “To Be Loaded” status. Right now, my thought is to wait for a future “game of the year” or “complete” edition. Unless EA/BioWare chooses to cut their losses on the game, my guess is that DLC will be developed that will flesh out the new Andromeda galaxy, possibly bringing more of the old Mass Effect writing to the new Mass Effect game. At the very least, I can choose to buy a very inexpensive standard release of the game and definitely get my money’s worth.  Only time will tell if Mass Effect: Andromeda stays on the cache.


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