Side Mission – The Real Cost of Power

Now that the gaming industry has had a couple of days to digest the new Xbox Scorpio specifications, a realization seems to be setting in regarding the price. Nothing has been announced as to pricing of the new console, but the repeated use of the word “premium” by Microsoft may mean we could be looking at PS3 release prices or greater. Analyst Lewis Ward of the International Data Corporation put the cost of the components alone at $650. 

Many reading this blog might have the gaming knowledge to review the capability of the Scorpio and decide that $600-$700 is worth the spend. However, John Q Public does not follow the industry as closely and is largely driven by price tag. With the PS4 Pro likely sitting at $300-$350 by year end and the Xbox One S also on the shelf, is the average consumer going to pay twice the price for a Scorpio? It’s PS3 vs Xbox 360 all over again. Even the rest of us will have to decide if 35% more power is worth paying 100% more at the checkout counter.

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