Catching Up on a Week of News

One issue that a hobbyist blogger of video games, or any subject for that matter, faces is that blogging is not done for a living. As a result, other parts of our lives rise to the forefront and send blogging to the back burner for a period of time. This past week, my work, the kind that pays the bills, sent me out of the country for long days and short nights. I had no chance to put together posts during the week, so let’s catch up on some of the news stories that caught my eye.

Battlefront II continues to be in the news with a full court press in the media. A release date of November 17 of this year and a full reveal trailer was announced on April 15. Unlike in the first Battlefront, the sequel will include a full single player campaign in which you will be placed in the shoes of a special operations Imperial soldier immediately after the destruction of the Death Star. Word has it that you will also play the roll of Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, although the extent of this play is unknown. The single player story has been approved by Lucasfilm as official canon in the Star Wars universe. Multiplayer will bring similar features as the first Battlefront, but will also include full vehicle space battles. Multiplayer action will span all Star Wars eras as well. Couch co-op play has also been confirmed, but only for the console versions of the game.

Call of Duty is back and is headed to World War II. Call of Duty: WWII is being developed by Sledgehammer Games, which co-developed Modern Warfare 3 and developed Advanced Warfare. Not much is known beyond this news and some prior rumors, but Sledgehammer Games will be hosting a worldwide reveal on April 26 at 10am PDT.  Stay tuned for a review of the reveal on Wednesday.

Even with news that the NES Classic Mini will no longer be shipping to North America in 2017, rumors are now flying about the introduction of a SNES mini by Christmas time this year. The SNES mini will likely be very similar to the NES mini, a smaller version of the original console that includes a preset package of digital games. Nintendo released a statement saying that they never intended for the NES Classic Mini to be a permanent production item, so expect the same limited release for the SNES mini if the rumors are true. I imagine that even more people will be hitting refresh on their favorite online store website, trying to buy one of the limited quantity.

Late in the week, ESPN reported that Stephens College, an all-women’s school in Missouri, is launching a varsity Esports team set to compete in Overwatch. I am sure that this story is making headlines in the gaming industry largely because of Stephens being an all-women’s college. While I think equal opportunity is always a good thing, I think more attention should be paid to collegiate Esports in general. The video game industry has long played third fiddle to many other areas of entertainment despite continuing to grow.  The development of Esport that includes video games definitely deserves to be celebrated and moved off of internet only streams to the forefront.  

That is it for the week in review. More regular updates should return this coming week. And if you ever find yourself in the Charles de Gaulle in Paris, check out the gaming center in terminal 2E section M. It was nice playing some PS4 in the middle of a 19 hour travel day. 

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