Call of Duty: WW2 Revealed

In a live presentation from London broadcast online around the world, publisher Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games officially revealed Call of Duty: WW2. The game will be a return to the battlefields of World War II, a first in ten years for the franchise.  While the reveal presentation itself was borderline painful to watch, the reveal trailer and some nuggets of information were provided that made it worth the wait. 

The trailer was entirely focused on the single player campaign, providing the setting for the game’s story. Three years in development, the campaign will be set in the European theater (contrary to my previous guesstimate) and will take place across France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany. The player is set primarily as “Red” Daniels, a soldier in the 1st Infantry. Red is joined by other members of the 1st Infantry throughout the game, all portrayed by known actors Josh Duhamel, Jeffrey Pierce, and Jonathan Tucker. There was some indication that the player will also see action as other characters, but no details were given. If the trailer is any indication, the Sledgehammer Games team is certainly going for a most realistic view of the war, perhaps providing a contrast to more recent super-soldier Call of Duty games. The settings and action will be gritty, but rendered with a purity that makes them as immersive as possible.

Multiplayer was touched on briefly. The traditional Call of Duty modes will return, but with an “updated feel”. For those looking for a co-op experience, Nazi zombies will also make a return, seemingly with a bit of a back story about a last ditch effort to turn the tide of the war. Sledgehammer is also adding an additional mode called Headquarters, which appears to be a beach side social setting. There will be a private multiplayer beta this year, but to get in you need to pre-order the game (something I rarely recommend). More will be revealed at E3 in June.

A glimpse at the Headquarters multiplayer mode

A drinking game could have been made out of how many times “boots on the ground”, “hype”, and “visceral” were said during the reveal, but it did provide fans with a glimpse into what they can expect come November 3, 2017.

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