Far Cry 5: Big Sky Country

With E3 fast approaching, leaks and rumors abound for what we will be seeing on the show floor. The latest rumor, which is really just a renewal of a rumor from February, is that the next Far Cry game will be releasing in 2017. Furthermore, just about the entire game news industry is saying the game will be set in Montana. This is mostly based on some Tweets regarding an Ubisoft film crew shooting some footage in the state. Going back to December of last year, the Montana rumor originated with a story that the protagonist would be a cop in small town Montana tasked with taking back the region from a band of bad guys. The bad guys would likely be some sort of drug kings or anti-government group. 

Since the release of Far Cry Primal, I have contemplated with friends what type of Far Cry game we should see next. My thought was always that the console/PC hardware had likely advanced enough for us to see a more wooded environment, something like a European or South American country. Extending this further, I pictured moving away from the story of a hapless individual dropped into a situation and instead going the Dying Light route of a special operations person going in to do a job. This created a whole Clear and Present Danger story line that would see the player finding friendly factions and scrounging for all of the ammo and weaponry they needed to complete the job. Then Ghost Recon: Wildlands was announced and I was pretty sure this story wouldn’t play out. 

That being said, some of that theorycrafting may still hold true. If the rumors are accurate, then Montana would be a wooded setting pushing today’s hardware. Further, the protagonist may be the John McClane of this small town, ready to engage all enemies in his way. The townspeople would likely be the friendly faction (with a traitor thrown in for good measure) and the drug cartel or anti-government group could still exist. This setting also opens up good opportunities for side missions in helping various townspeople in different situations or restoring utilities that may be down or cut off. All I would really like to see is a story that takes itself a bit more seriously to give some oomph behind the player actions. That and co-op…there should really be co-op. 

Let me know what you want to see out of Far Cry 5 in the comments below.

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