E3 2017: Meh?

The start of E3 2017, or rather the start of the first major conference not technically part of E3, is a week away. Every year over the last five or six years the same phrase seems to be spoken throughout the gaming industry: Is E3 still relevant? Well, I’m here to offer my opinion on the subject because I am sure you all have been waiting on the edge of your seat for it.

Despite the fact that much of the gaming public has the internet readily available, there is still a large portion of that population that just does not search out gaming news on a regular basis. Many people still buy and play the games that they see in front of them, barely knowing of the existence of said game until they see it on the store shelves (Best Buy, Gamestop, and Walmart still sell games for a reason). Such people may not regularly view Giantbomb, Game Informer, or Kotaku news updates, but they are aware of what can be seen at the game mecca that is E3. They will tune in to this fire hose of information once a year to learn what they may see in stores within the next 12 months. Publishers, developers, and the game press are all aware that E3 remains well known to the general gaming public, so they know it is important to not only show up, but to put on a good show.

E3 also extends beyond the presentation of games, but also is a celebration of gaming. Anyone at all interested in gaming can tune in to their favorite segments and know that they are sharing a moment with other gamers from around the world. It is a great chance for a community often torn by platform wars and genre preferences to take a moment and be happy about all that is the gaming world available to us.

E3 is as important today as it was 20 years ago in its offering of news and hype to a world of gamers. Tune in starting Saturday April 10 and all of the following week. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of your next favorite game.


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