SNES Classic Announced

Nintendo has done it again! Today saw the announcement of the SNES Classic, a Super Nintendo follow-up to 2016’s NES Classic. Let the 16-bit stalwarts rejoice!

Like its 8-bit cousin, the SNES Classic will feature a smaller form factor and a library of built-in titles for $79.99US. 21 popular titles fill the on-board storage of the revived console including such classics as Super Mario World, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Final Fantasy III/VI (depending on US vs Japan release), Secret of Mana, Super Punch Out, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario Cart, and Super Metroid. The SNES Classic also sees the introduction of never before released Starfox 2. And, unlike the NES Classic before it, the package will include two controllers.

I’m sure the question on everyone’s mind after the horrific release and quick demise of the NES Classic is regarding availability of the SNES version. Nintendo has said that they are planning for larger quantities of the SNES Classic, but that production outside of 2017 is not guarenteed. I take that to mean pick one up when you see it in the store or forget about it altogether.

Other questions still need to be answered. Will the controller cords be long enough for me to reach my couch rather than the NES Classic’s three foot cable? How is the console powered? Inquiring minds want to know.

Regardless of the questions still up in the air, we should all look forward to the return of a console era that cemented modern gaming. Nostalgic and new players alike will enjoy playing through these classics when SNES Classic launches September 29. 

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  1. The Star Fox 2… I didn’t even knew that exists. I spent a lot of time playing the first title and I was amazed by it. I remember being so angry with some of the hard levels I couldn’t pass :)) I’m just so happy that I will be able to replay all those memories. And two controllers being include in this package is just another reason to get it. I can Play Super Mario Kart with my dad, that’s just awesome!


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