E3’17 – Sony Playstation

Sony’s E3 2017 conference gave viewers a few surprises. Perhaps the biggest of those surprises was in the presentation itself. Unlike years past, this conference was entirely made up of videos. There was very little happening on the stage itself. While the audience was treated to perhaps the largest and best looking display that could be found, it would seem that many viewers at home could have a relatively similar experience with 4k video feeds or playback. That being said, on to the games.

The first game up is the new Uncharted: Lost Legacy. While this may seem like just another Uncharted game, Naughty Dog is leaving behind the lovable scamp that is Nathan Drake and replacing him with a duo of ladies, Chloe and Nadine, from previous Uncharted games. The two team up to do what they do best, get into fights and find lost treasure. Due out August 22, we do not have long to wait for the new stand alone title.

An expansion for 2017’s popular Horizon: Zero Dawn entitled The Frozen Wilds is next up on the feed. Arriving later in 2017, this expansion opens up the Horizon world to feature a winter wonderland complete with new robot types and some new weapons. Having not yet played Horizon, I’m looking forward to the game of the year/complete edition.

Zombie apocalypse title Days Gone appears next. Shown several times by Sony, this good looking title seems to only receive one response from game journalists: Can it hold its own against The Last of Us 2 and a gaming audience that is somewhat over zombies? Let’s hope that the devs at Sony Bend bring something special to the mix.

In the first of two surprises, Monster Hunter World was next shown on the reel. While I have never played the Monster Hunter series, I gather from the reaction that this is a big deal. The universe of Monster Hunter coming to the living room screen after having been on handhelds is making much of the industry excited.

For surprise number two, Sony presented a remake of Shadow of the Colossus. One of the most lauded games on PS2 is coming back to PS4 with new graphics, sounds, and controls for the modern age. Certainly, this will be good news for a new audience that perhaps never played the original. However, will the game hold up given the advancements in gaming since 2005? We will have to see when it releases in the next year.

Sony next presented a variety of PSVR titles coming soon. Skyrim VR is no surprise and is likely going to be a nice addition to the library of any RPG fan with a PSVR. The Final Fantasy XV VR experience was also showcased, adding some more video to what has been shown in the past. Inpatient VR, a new psychological horror game from Supermassive Games, sets players in the universe of Until Dawn, but 60 years before the events of that game. Rounding out the VR presentation were Star Child, Bravo Team, and Moss.

Perhaps my most anticipated game of the Sony E3 presentation, God of War, was shown next. The feed gave a glimpse of what the game will be like to play, providing a rather extensive walkthrough of a section of the game. The change from pure action to a more story driven and personal game is sure to bring people back to the series. The game is set for release in early 2018.

Detroit, a David Cage joint, also received some screen time at the conference. The demo provided the context of the story, an android who leads an uprising in the future city of Detroit. The video provided little about how the game played, but we should expect a choose-your-own-adventure and quick-time-event driven experience.

Last up on the screen is the 2018 version of Spider-Man from developer Insomniac. The demo showed gave a great look at how the game will be played. Taking a lot of combat cues from the Batman series, Spider-Man uses his webbing and agility to defeat the bad guys. It is a much faster combat than in the Batman games, but with the same skill based, non-button-mashing gameplay. Looking forward to more on this in the coming months.

It has been two months since the E3 Sony conference took place in 2017. Some surprises were shown, but mostly it was a chance for those of us who love the game industry to rejoice in a fire hose of information over a few days. With this post, I close out my personal coverage of the E3 event, writing all that I have wanted to write on the subject. It’s time to move on to the next latest and greatest that the industry has to offer.

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