Cache Update – Not A Hero???

Have you ever wondered what game to pull from your backlog next only to be thwarted at every turn? With the list of games currently being played running low, it was time to decide what to pull out of the Cache next. With some time to play on a Saturday night, I selected Hotline Miami. Booting up the PS3, I quickly found out that I actually do not own Hotline Miami, apparently neglecting to purchase it in 2013 when it was on the Instant Games Collection list. Running through my PS3 list, I next selected DMC: Devil May Cry and began downloading, but it was a slow PSN night and the download was going to take three hours. I was now relegated to what was already loaded on my PS3, so I chose God of War: Ascension. Starting the game, I was notified that a total of nine updates were required before the game could be played. At this point feeling dejected, I left the PS3 running to download games and updates and switched to the PS4. Not much in the library was peaking my interest except this game I knew little about called Not A Hero. I started playing and was immediately interested enough to add it to the Cache as running. Let’s see where this thing goes.

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