Sony’s Press Conference at PGW

It may have been easy to miss Monday, October 30, given the Halloween holiday, but Sony held a press conference at Paris Games Week that very closely rivaled their E3 attendance. Here’s a rundown of the event.

As Sony promised last week, seven new games were announced during their presentation. Let’s start with the biggest and most sought after announcement in my opinion: Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch of inFamous fame is taking their open world capability to what appears to be a more serious and real story of a Samurai during the 1274 invasion of the island of Tsushima by the Mongul forces. Sucker Punch has modeled the entire island (or a representation of it) to give full exploration with villages, cities, and hidden locations in forests. Just a few seconds of gameplay is shown, but the trailer is enough to raise expectations for what this game can be.

The Gardens Between is another new announcement. This game follows two teens as they work their way through a world completing puzzle objectives. They have an ability to control time to influence the world and the puzzles. The game appears to be a mix of Two Brothers and Braid and offers an interesting polygonal cartoon art style.

Concrete Genie plays as a young boy who finds a magic paint brush. Using this brush, he can paint creatures and scenes on buildings that come alive. Bullies harass the boy and he uses his paintings to help him escape and get through the world. The game has a great aesthetic and probably will look great on an HDR TV.

Also brought new to Paris Games Week is The Hong Kong Massacre. This game, certainly inspired by Hotline Miami is a top down shooter that people are calling a John Woo movie in every way. The trailer shows bullets and debris flying as the player engages multiple Triad members. Looks like a more interesting twin stick shooter that has a story pulling the game together.

Of course, no announcement would be complete without sequels. Guacamelee and Spelunky are both getting sequels that will be coming out soon. These two games were well received in their previous forms on PlayStation and expectations are high for the sequels.

In addition to these announcements, Sony also showed new trailers for upcoming games including Spider-man, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus PS4, The Last of Us: Part II, Detroit: Become Human, and the Secret of Mana remake. The trailers showed fantastic looking games that are very fleshed out. Many of them are slated for early (first half) 2018 release.

Sony also announced new DLC for some games, including those that are not yet out in the marketplace. Call of Duty: WWII and Monster Hunter World both had character and map pack DLC announced before the game is available in stores (Call of Duty releases this week). In addition, Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XV have new episodes coming later this year.

Overall, this was an abundance of content and lived up to the last minute hype. Be sure to check out the videos from the games on Playstation’s YouTube channel. You can also catch the full Sony Press Conference in the video below, including some PSVR games not covered here.

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