Cache Update – November Adds

After the large cache update earlier this month, there have been a few releases and a lot of Black Friday sales. It’s only fitting to update the Cache now at the end of the month.

As part of a pre-Black Friday sale, I finally picked up Horizon: Zero Dawn for a cool $20. I have been looking forward to this game since it was released early this year, so I immediately started playing. Now some 20 hours into the game, I can only say that I am having a great time and am eager to continue exploring.

Adding to the “To Be Loaded” category is Call of Duty: WWII. I have read and heard mixed reviews in the games media, but I have a couple of positive recommendations from friends. I think it is worth adding, but will likely wait until I can find it for a good price as I am only interested in the single player campaign.

Also releasing over the last couple of weeks are Need for Speed Payback and Battlefront II. Neither one of these are going to make it into the Cache for one very simple reason: the player does not control their own destiny. Each game relies heavily on loot boxes as the basis of the progression. In Need for Speed, loot boxes earned after races provide random car upgrades, giving you the new turbo or nitro that could be bought with in-game currency in previous games. The same goes for Battlefront II where loot boxes earned give cards that provide player upgrades, doing away with the experience based progression seen in other multiplayer shooters. Given that I object to the use of loot boxes in this way in games, I am choosing to not add either of these to my list for future play.

That is all for this go around. With so many disc games in hand these days, it may be a while before I make another purchase (at least until the Steam Winter Sale…save your dollars). I hope you all made off with some great Black Friday deals. Enjoy the gaming!

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