First time blogger loses way. Surprised?

When I first started Cache and Play, I did so because I wanted to share my video game story. I was interested in writing about games and gaming news in the same way I would talk to my friends. Very early on, though, I started trying to do too much. I started feeling like I needed to post more often, sharing all gaming news and releases and reviews. The blog started becoming something it couldn’t be: a gaming news site.

Instead of giving my voice to items that interest me, I felt I needed to cover everything. I developed a mindset that if I wasn’t posting about gaming news every day, I was failing. How about that for a good time, believing that you are failing at a hobby? The blog turned into a job, which I don’t have time for, instead of a creative outlet for me to share my thoughts. This eventually led to paralysis. If I wasn’t writing every day, then I failed, and if I failed, then there was no need to write at all.

Now it’s time for a reset, a realignment of my thoughts and objectives for this blog. I’ll start again, keeping my point of view and original intent in mind. It may mean that those who read this blog will see a change in tone and presentation. I hope you can still enjoy an article every now and again, perhaps sharing your own opinions as well. 

In the end, I’m not a full time (and barely part time) blogger. I’m a father and a husband with a full time career. My posts may not come on a regular basis, but going forward they will be more relevant to me and perhaps will strike a chord with others.

With that, it’s once again into the breach. 

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