E3 on the Horizon

As the weekend nears, so does the start of E3.  While I still contend that E3 does not carry the same weight in the industry that it did ten years ago, it remains a celebration of video games that brings together insiders and gamers the world over.  Many of the games that will appear at E3 this year have already been revealed in some form, either through studio releases or leaks (thanks Walmart Canada).  Despite having fewer surprises awaiting us, I am very much looking forward to more information on some future games that are of interest.  Here is a list of conferences, times, and some of the games we are likely to see:

EA – June 9 @ 2pm eastern – Battlefield V and Anthem will certainly take the stage, and I’m hoping for a lot of information on the latter.

Microsoft – June 10 @ 4pm eastern – Gears of War will likely be there along with perhaps information on Crackdown 3 and the next in the Halo series.

Bethesda – June 10 @ 9:30pm eastern – We will see more on the announced Rage 2 as well as learn if Fallout 76 is really an MMO.  I’m hoping for a reveal of Starfield, a space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios.

Devolver Digital – June 10 @ 11pm eastern – I don’t know what to expect here, but they have apologized in advance.

Square Enix – June 11 @ 1pm eastern – Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, and Dragon Quest will likely be shown.  Could we see information on Final Fantasy VII or maybe the next Final Fantasy installment?

The PC Gaming Show – June 11 @ 6pm eastern – PC Gamer presents everything PC gaming, including some 22 confirmed presenters.

Ubisoft – June 11 @ 4pm eastern – The new Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Skull and Bones, and The Division 2 will be shown.  Maybe something on that odd “tech demo” of Beyond Good and Evil 2 from E3 2017.

Sony – June 11 @ 9pm eastern – My primary interest here is Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch, but we will likely also see The Last of Us: Part II, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and maybe Days Gone (so many zombie-like creatures).  

Nintendo – June 12 @ 12pm eastern – Pokemon, Metroid, and Smash Bros will be at the forefront, but I also expect to see a lot of information on ports to the Switch.

There you have it.  Tune in to each of the presentations on Twitch and/or Youtube or via your favorite gaming website (I personally like the GiantBomb “We Talk Over…” simulcasts).  

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